Yes, That's a GIGANTIC Sweat-cicle

Yes, that's a GIGANTIC Sweat-Cicle

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday Week

Well, its come around again. As much as I run, you'd think I could stay ahead of the bitch. Yes, I have gotten one more year older. My knee still hurts, I still have a beer gut and the real bitch of it all, I still have to work. Way off of the retirment finish line. Oh well.

May has been an exhausting race month. I have one more quicky coming up this weekend at the French Broad Challenge, in Asheville. But, I took a break last weekend and just went out and had fun. I got to do one of my favorite local trail runs and was rewarded with a "three bear sighting". I got in a long kayak and run brick and a fun mt. bike and run brick. Also got a few honey-do list dealios checked off. This week, its some easy but intense workouts then coast into the weekend race.

I'm really looking forward to June. I THINK I am taking the month off of racing and hopefully get back into Ultra fitness. I really think training for a 4-5 hour run really gets me ready for most shorter triathlons. Its great endurance training. And as my good friend Mark Lundblad always tells me, Speed is 90% endurance. I believe him and continue to get faster as I get stronger.

I'm posting a short video I took from a mt. bike ride this weekend. I lost my good video editting software on one of my computers, I know, how could I LOSE it? So, anyway, I had to use some cheap stuff and the processing turned it a bit choppy. Regardless, its a good song.

Until Next time, Enjoy.....d

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  1. That crash was way worse than it looked on camera. Just so you know. It was pretty gnarly and painful. Really. No joke. You also can't tell how technical that section of trail is from the video. For real.