Yes, That's a GIGANTIC Sweat-cicle

Yes, that's a GIGANTIC Sweat-Cicle

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Summer of This and That

I use this blog more as a race record than anything else. I can keep track of my past results and thoughts as I finish a tough race or pass through a threshold or just mark time and milestones. Unfortunately, life and work gets in the way more than I would like. So this is very easy to get left behind. I've had a lot of time in hotels over the past couple of months to keep things current but just haven't been able to pull the trigger. For those few that actually read this, I am attempting to make this happen now. Its not that I am a super human and did the next few reports in one chunk, but they were done over a period of a few months.

Just to catch up on a few issues. I had been partaking in the North Carolina XTERRA Trail Race series. This is a 4 race series trail run series where you earn points toward an age group ranking. Winners of this series get bragging rights and a free entry into the XTERRA National Championships in Bend, Oregon. Bend is unquestionably, my favorite place in this country. It is a place I dream of calling home one day. So, my goal was to get the series win and head out there for beautiful venue and a 13 mile trail race. Maybe hit a few of the killer brew-pubs while I'm there...maybe.

Well, I did indeed win the points series for my 45-49 age group. I competed in 3 of the 4 races and had AG wins in 2 of those 3. That part complete, I just needed to get work out of the way and train for the distance. What I didn't count on was a 3-week cold I caught on one of my business trips. It hit me very hard and especially hard in the chest. I opted to punt on the race. It bummed me out but it really made no sense to spend the effort and money to go out to the race when I really felt like shit. I may give it a shot again next year, but for now, I at least know that I have the potential to compete in this type of venue and am happy that I was able to set a reasonable goal and achieve it.

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