Yes, That's a GIGANTIC Sweat-cicle

Yes, that's a GIGANTIC Sweat-Cicle

Friday, April 30, 2010

Once Upon a Time

I've started a Blog because, well, all the cool kids are doing it. Facebook and Twitter, while informative, are very "showboaty". It feels a little strange sometimes telling people about yourself like you have a some kind of Zen knowledge and everyone should listen. A blog feels a little more like a journal that you allow other to view IF THEY WANT TO. If not, then I always have myself to talk to and laugh at.

So, check back from time to time. I will tell you more stuff about me and my travels than you will want to know but I will also pass on the knowledge that 45 years of life have bestowed upon me. It has the potential to be funny, or not. Mostly it will be goofy pictures, race results and bitching about everyday work and play, or lack there of.

Until the next chaperter, Cheerio......d

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